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February 7, 2013
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Season 3 Lee Sin Final by UndergroundGiant Season 3 Lee Sin Final by UndergroundGiant
When I first heard about the Digi-Art Throwdown contest riot was having celebrating season 3's release... I couldn't help but smile and pick up my stylus and get to work. I am quite busy with my job, but this has kept me occupied for some time now... I decided to draw "Dragon Fist Lee Sin" training because 1.) Hes dragonfist lee sin, and therefore awesome. 2.) Lee Sin is by far one of my favorite champions... even though I cant play him all that well ^_^ and 3.) It is my personal believe that he represents one of my all time biggest heroes... Bruce Lee..... I mean.. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO DRAW BRUCE LEE???? I drew him punching wooden dummies... and for anyone who is familiar with Bruce Lee's form of martial arts, it derives from wing chun... and "THE" technique used most in wing chun... is wooden dummy style. Secondly, I drew him with my new favorite jungling item.... the machete... BECAUSE IT TOO LIKE BRUCE... IS AWESOME... nothing better than being in a jungle.... badassing it up showing your teammates... YOU DON'T NEED A LEASH!!! although guarding red may be a nice thing to do. One other thing that you may notice....... just saying........... unnervating locket *sad face (meant to make you feel sorry)* I sorely miss this item... and I want it back so bad...... if you guys there at riot ever did bring it back...... *tears of joy*

ANYWAY... I would just like to say I had a blast painting this thing, and I hope to see some other kick ass pieces of art out there that will make me smile <=D


Summoner: SHG F0st3rch1ld
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:clap: Only thing I see to criticize is the oppacity of the dummy under his arm (don't know how to describe it better XP) It looks transparent but ya lets not stay on trifles ;)

Well done man!
UndergroundGiant Feb 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
Chur Welcome! ;) Did you hide a lil valentine's token in it?? ^^
UndergroundGiant Feb 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
hahaha! My girlfriend wishes ;D I have something special in mind.
hehe :D I wish you good luck ;)
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